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Smoked Short Ribs

September 18, 2020 whatiate 3 min read No Comments
Pre-Smoked Short Ribs

Smoked Short Ribs

September 18, 2020 Pete 3 min read No Comments

Smoked Short Ribs are probably my favorite treat. I love some home-smoked brisket, but my family is small, and my two kids are not big meat eaters, so it makes it not practical to do a 15 lbs brisket when I get a craving for some smoked beef. What also makes Smoked Short Ribs awesome is there is so little prep work that needs to be completed. When I don’t feel like making my seasoning this is just a three-ingredient recipe. If you would like to make your own seasoning I highly recommend using my Simple Beef Rub.

Simple 3 ingredient Smoked Beef Ribs

In this recipe, all you need is beef short ribs, Worchestershire sauce, and your favorite seasoning. For beef, I LOVE Blue Hogs Sweet and Savory; it gives the meat a nice flavor without having overpowering heat or sweet. A great tip for easy clean up is using a large bowl to place your ribs in before you use your binder and seasoning.

Preseasoned Beef Ribs in a Bowl to save some time cleaning.

Once I had the short ribs in the bowl, it’s time to use your binder and seasoning. For this, I don’t usually measure how much Worcestershire sauce or rub, but I would imagine it would I use around 2 tablespoons of the Worcestershire sauce. After adding the sauce to the bowl and short ribs I use my gloved hands and use them to mix the sauce and ribs to coat them well. After they are coated I then add around 1 tablespoon of rub at a time and coat the ribs well. Once this is complete they are ready for the smoker.

Smoked Beef Ribs All Seasoned and Ready for the Smoker

At this point, they are ready for the smoker. For smoking these Smoked Beef Ribs, I will use my Kamado Joe Classic II with a fancy new SloRoler accessory. I am using one chuck of Maple wood and going for a temperature range of 225° and 250°. This cook will take between 4-6 hours. After the first 2 hours, I highly recommend spritzing with just water or beef stock. I don’t tend to use Apple Juice unless I am cooking pork or chicken. The reason for this is that the sugars in the apple juice or apple cider vinegar tend to burn on the meat and will make your bark black, and it will not allow the flavors of your Smoked Beef Ribs seasoning shine through.

Nine yummy Smoked Beef Ribs ready to be cooked.

My cook on these smoked beef ribs took just over 6 hours. One optional step you can take when you get to an internal temperature of 200° is to create a basic glaze. What I like to do is use my favorite BBQ sauce and cut it with a couple of tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. This process thins out the sauce nicely and creates a very lovely looking sticky glaze.

After the beef has gotten to 209°, I like to take my smoked beef ribs and let them rest. I leave them on a cutting board for 15-30 minutes. The beef is fattier and smaller than a brisket. There is no benefit to let it sit longer. After the rest, you can serve and enjoy!

Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know how your Smoked Beef Ribs came out!

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