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Slow Roasted Rib Roast

November 3, 2020 whatiate 4 min read No Comments
Sliced Rib Roast

Slow Roasted Rib Roast

November 3, 2020 Pete 4 min read No Comments

One of my favorite things to make for my family is a Slow Roasted Rib Roast. My version uses a choice cut rib roast, not a prime rib roast. This recipe will work fine with either, but I use a choice cut because my method will really tenderize and brines the roast.

Just as an early disclaimer, my photos for this roast are inferior. These were only taking them to show my family the process. I was not planning on making a post about the roast until I got a request on my Facebook page on how I made it. I plan on doing another one during the holiday season, and I will take better photos and have more of a step-by-step photo to help you better make this delicious roast.

One of the best things about this roast is that I use fresh herbs and garlic. I really think it makes a huge difference in the flavors you can taste. When using dried herbs, I don’t think the flavor is even close to fresh. I use inexpensive salted butter in the compound I make to cover the roast. I personally don’t add any more salt or pepper to the compound.

Why Incase in Butter?

One thing you were maybe asking is, why would I encase my beef with butter? Well, the reason is that the enzymes in the butter will very quickly tenderize this big roast. If you slice the roast around 1/4 to 1/2 an inch thick, you will not need a knife to cut it. It will be so tender that you will be able to cut it with a fork. I like quick butter aging because it will give the beef a little bit of different flavor. It’s very similar to dry-aged beef. It is truly kick ass.

Butter Aged Rib Roast
Pre-Refrigerator Rib Roast


Let’s talk about this compound for a little bit. I started doing this with my Slow Roasted Rib Roast about 8 years ago. The key to this roast is to prepare it the night before. You really want this butter brine to stay on the roast for 12-18 hours. This will let the enzymes in the butter to help tenderize the beef. This is the quick version of my process. I used a 5 lbs roast.

For this size roast, your need to soften 4 sticks of butter. I usually leave the butter out and let it soften naturally v.s using the microwave. I get 4-5 springs of rosemary with the stems removed. Then remove the leaves from a dozen or so springs of thyme. You want a heaping tablespoon of thyme leaves. You then want to use a whole heads worth of garlic, minced well. Take all of these ingredients and well combine.

The next part is pretty easy. You want to take your roast directly out of the fridge and put it on your cutting board. Now you want to take your garlic and herb butter compound and evenly distribute it around your roast. You want to make sure that the meat is 100% covered with the compound. It’s not necessary to cover the bottom of the roast if you are using a bone-in roast. If you are not using a bone-in roast, please make sure you cover all four roast sides. Once the roast is fully covered, placed in your fridge and let it brine for 12-18 hours. The longer you let the meat marinate in the butter, the better. You can even let it go for a few days. It won’t hurt it.

How to Cook

When it’s time to cook, you want to preheat your oven, grill, or smoker to 300°. If using a grill or smoker, you want to use indirect heat. Do not take your roast out of the fridge until your cooker is up to temp; once your cooker is up to temp, move your roast to a cooking or cooling rack will fit into a baking dish. This way, you can collect your juices if you want to make au jus. If you are using a grill or smoker and are not concerned with keeping the juices, you can cook it right on the cooking racks.

Resting Rib Roast
Just off the smoker, time to rest!

Once you get your rib roast into your cooker, it will take 20-22 minutes per lbs to get the rib roast to Medium Rare. This rib roast was medium-rare. I pulled it out of the cooker when it hit 130° and let it rest for 45 minutes. After its rest, the internal temp was a perfect 140°. Remember, you want to cook this for your liking. Pull it out of your cooker when you 10° below your desired doneness. While the roast rests, it will continue to climb in temp 10°-15°. After your rest period, you can go ahead and slice it thin.

Medium Rare Rib Roast.
Sliced thing, a very nice medium rare.


This is one of my favorite recipes! Please let me know what you think of my Slow Roasted Rib Roast and let me know how you liked it! Here is our Facebook page. Feel free to follow so you can see my new post as soon as they come out.

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