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Low and Slow Baby Back Ribs

October 20, 2020 Pete 4 min read No Comments
Show texture of finished low and slow ribs

These Low and Slow Baby Back Ribs are really easy and take almost no babysitting. What makes these ribs ultra-easy is that you don’t need to wrap them. You just let them go 3-5 hours until you get the proper […]

Simple Pulled Pork

October 17, 2020 Pete 4 min read No Comments

If you are starting smoking meats or doing BBQ, making a Simple Pulled Pork is the first thing you should make. Other meats like brisket, chuck, and even chickens can be unforgiving if you’re learning how to use your grill […]

Easy BBQ Chicken

September 30, 2020 Pete 4 min read No Comments
Glazed BBQ Chicken

One thing that my family loves is BBQ Chicken. This recipe creates am easy BBQ chicken that is juicy and packs tons of flavor. This recipe would work on a whole chicken, but the about of time changes from two […]

Smoked Short Ribs

September 18, 2020 Pete 3 min read No Comments
Pre-Smoked Short Ribs

Smoked Short Ribs are probably my favorite treat. I love some home-smoked brisket, but my family is small, and my two kids are not big meat eaters, so it makes it not practical to do a 15 lbs brisket when […]

Smoked Salsa – Spicy

September 16, 2020 Pete 3 min read No Comments
Smoked Salsa Ingredients

One of my family’s favorite snacks that I make on the smoker is my Pete’s Kickin’ Smoked Salsa. This recipe is one of the easiest smoker recipes and is primarily for someone who wants to start smoking but doesn’t want […]