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Simple Pulled Pork

October 17, 2020 whatiate 4 min read No Comments

Simple Pulled Pork

October 17, 2020 Pete 4 min read No Comments

If you are starting smoking meats or doing BBQ, making a Simple Pulled Pork is the first thing you should make. Other meats like brisket, chuck, and even chickens can be unforgiving if you’re learning how to use your grill or smoker. Pulled pork comes from the big’s shoulder and is often called a “Butt” or “Boston Butt,” but it has nothing to do with the tushy of a pig. That part is where the traditional Easter Meat of Ham comes from.

If you want to do a Simple Pulled Pork, all it takes is three ingredients: Pork Butt, Mustard, and your favorite seasoning. You might think that the mustard is weird, but it is the perfect binder for the seasonings to say on your Pork Butt. It really helps you build a really nice bark. Also won’t give your pork any mustard flavor.

With my pulled pork, I seasoned it twice. I prepped my pork butt before I got the fire going in my Kamado Joe. Then I gave it a nice lather in plain yellow mustard and sprinkled on a fair amount of Atlanta Grill Companies “Georgia Butts & Ribs.” I then let it sit while I get the fire going on the Joe.

For this cook, I went hot and fast. I set up my Kamado Joe with its SloRoler. Next, I put in my Fogo Premium Charcoal and used Georgia Peach Wood. I used My Fireboard 2 with the AUX Fan. My goal temp to 275°.

While I waited for the grill to get to 275°, I added a second seasoning coat. For this coat, I used Kosmos Q Killer Honey Bee. I like adding a couple of layers of complementary flavors to give the meat some different flavor. After 20 minutes, the grill was up to heat, and the SloRoler was rolling some nice smoke. It was time to put the butt on the grill and let it get to smoking.

The start time of this cook was 10 am. I let it go for 3 hours before I opened the lid and to see where the meat was in the cooking process. I know people say not to touch it until it’s time to wrap. Checking the Simple Pulled Pork every hour or two to ensure that the edges are not burning. There is a difference between burnt pork and bark. Your bark is a combination of seasoning, mustard, and juices caramelizing on the outside. That is most people’s favorite part of pulled pork or Smoked Beef Ribs.

I let this Pork Butt Smoke for a total of 8 hours. It needed to be sprayed a few times, as with the higher heat, it was scorching a bit on the edges. I used a Zepp Spray bottle with only Apple Cider Vinegar. This helps the meat stay moist at higher temps, and it adds some sugar to help develop your bark.

At 5 hours I was sitting at 170°. I decided to speed it up the cook a little bit by wrapping it up with heavy-duty aluminum foil. This made the next hour of cooking the last hour of cooking. In that hour’s time, the pork butt got to the finishing temperature of 203°.

After the Pork Butt gets to the 203°, it’s time to pull it off the grill and let it rest. If I am going to eat it within an hour, I usually put it in an aluminum tray, still in its wrap, and cover it with a folded towel. It helps keep it insulated. If I am going to eat it in a few hours, I will do all the same steps, but I will place it in a cooler for extra insulation.

After the hour, I remove the shoulder blade and use a couple of forks to pull the pork. Some people will use their hand or use meat claws. My preferred method is meat claws, but they went missing, so I used what I had. The gloved hands work well, but my hands are extremely heat sensitive with my autoimmune disorder, even with cloth gloves under my rubber gloves.

As you can see, this pulled pork came out great! It was moist, tender, and a great smoke flavor from the peach wood. I typically will serve pulled pork in two different ways. The first way is to make pulled pork sandwiches. I usually get some slaw and nice onion rolls if I serve it that way. The other way I serve it is cooked in baked beans. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

If you try making a pulled port like this, please let me know below in the comments! If you would like me to share any other recipes, please let me know what you would like, and I will create a simple and easy way to make it.

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