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Easy BBQ Glaze

October 29, 2020 whatiate 2 min read No Comments
Glaze BBQ Ribs

Easy BBQ Glaze

October 29, 2020 Pete 2 min read No Comments

Something I think is often overlooked when making BBQ is that some items are better with a glaze. For most major cooks like pulled pork or brisket, a glaze is unnecessary. With Chicken or Ribs, I think that a BBQ glaze can add a lot to your cook’s seasoning and flavors. This Easy BBQ Glaze is fantastic and is super easy to make.

I know that people will have a hard stance on if they will sauce ribs or not. Some people will like just dry rub, no-wrap ribs. They will look down on anyone who will like to wrap or sauce ribs. I am not one of those people. I think that any way you like your ribs cooked is great. My personal preference is Low and Slow Baby Back Ribs with a nice Easy BBQ Glaze.

Glaze BBQ Ribs
Perfectly Glazed Ribs

Chicken is another item I think that really benefits from a BBQ Glaze. In my Easy BBQ Chicken, I use my BBQ Glaze recipe to finish my chicken off. Having the right amount of sticky goodness on you, your chicken that complements your chicken is a huge plus.

How to Make Easy BBQ Glaze

For this recipe, you only need two ingredients. Your favorite BBQ Sauce and Apple Cider Vinegar. That is really it! I like to mix it 50/50. If you want it a little thinner glaze add extra vinegar.

Glazed BBQ Chicken
Glazed Dark Meat Chicken Using Easy BBQ Glaze.

This recipe can be easily made even better by adding a teaspoon of the BBQ seasoning you used for your chicken or ribs. This will give people who worry about the glaze overtaking the seasoning some peace of mind.

One big tip for when to use this glaze in your BBQ. You want to use it when you get to the last 15 minutes of your cook. You want to make sure that your seasoning adheres to your meat. This way you won’t lose the flavor of your seasoning when you add your gaze.


As always, take this recipe and make it yours. If you don’t have Apple Cider Vinegar, don’t worry, you can use regular vinegar. Add BBQ seasoning to it. Use a couple of different BBQ sauces. The best thing about BBQ is that you can make it your own and there is no wrong way to make it. The only rule is cooking to temperature and not for time.

I really hope you liked this guide for Easy Glaze. If you tried it out, let us know what you think in the comments. Also, join our Facebook Page so that you can see our post as they

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